Brunch with Solome Lemma

Solome Lemma

Co-founder and Executive Director of Africans in the Diaspora

Solome is a philanthropist, activist and organizer. Prior to co-founding AiD, Solome was a grantmaking program advisor at The Global Fund for Children (GFC), a public foundation that invests in innovative grassroots organizations that work directly with vulnerable children that include trafficked children, refugees and child laborers.

She was also the co-founder and coordinator of HornLight, an online platform that promotes a nuanced presentation of the Horn of Africa.

Some of my most inspiring conversations and experiences have taken place over a meal. So, when I learned about African ladies who Brunch, I was thrilled. I participated in one of the brunches, and I was extremely impressed by the cohesive group of powerful young women present. Their knowledge, ideas, dreams, and passions were inspiring, as was their willingness to build ridges and communities with African women of different backgrounds. These brilliant young women are surely going to make an impact in their communities and in whatever field they choose. I look forward to seeing each and every one of them succeed and shine in their career, their life, and their community.
Solome Lemma on her experience with the women from African Ladies that Brunch


Jacobs Pickles

Southern-accented comfort food & a broad craft beer list.
509 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Restaurant Review

Like much of the UWS this taven is crowded during the brunch rush. As long as you don’t mind crowds the food and drinks are incredible. The bloody-mary and the waffles are both epic portions and very good!